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This report is available in: English.

Cultivate Positive Self-Awareness

Every child has a unique profile of character strengths - some strengths come more naturally than others. When children know their personal strengths, they are more confident, resilient and better prepared to handle life challenges.

The VIA Youth Report is a fun, engaging way for children to learn more about the best parts of themselves. This personalized report, based on the child’s results from the free VIA Youth Survey, will help them understand and use their strengths to become the person they are meant to be. A youth can purchase their report after completing the survey, or parents, teachers and coaches can buy reports for children on their account.

Build a Strengths-Based Life

The VIA Youth Report explores all of a child's strengths with:

  • their full, personalized 24 Character Strengths Profile graph
  • what research says about the benefits of their 5 highest strengths
  • positive adjectives that describe them as a person
  • information to better understand middle and lesser strengths
  • tips for using all of their strengths

"I got Youth Decoder Reports for every student in my class this year. Every kid loved getting a "book about them"! I was able to plan lessons around strengths throughout the school year, and it was extremely helpful that each child had guide they could reference to learn more about each strength and explore where it was in their profile."

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I purchase and access a VIA Youth Report for my child, student(s) or children I’m working with?

The VIA Youth Report is based on a child’s results from the free, research-validated VIA Youth Survey (for ages 8-17), which identifies their unique profile of character strengths. The survey is 98 questions if taken in English or 96 questions in any other language and will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. The VIA Youth Survey must be completed before the VIA Youth Report can be generated.

For your own child(ren): Log into your personal VIA account and click on Take Free Survey and choose Youth Survey. Have your child complete the Youth Survey. Upon completion, click on Youth Survey Results to download Youth Report and view free free results. If you have additional children they may also take the survey through your account.

If you are working with a group of children or students, set-up a Survey Invitation through your Pro Dashboard to allow multiple children to take the survey and collect survey results and download their Youth Report.

Is bulk pricing available for the VIA Youth Report?

Yes, bulk pricing is available. See chart below.

Number of Reports Price per Youth Report
1-19 $10.00
20-49 $9.00
50-99 $8.00
100-299 $7.00
300-499 $6.00
500+ $5.00

What if I’m not satisfied with my purchase?

We feel confident you will find VIA products valuable, but if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may request a refund. Refunds are issued based on product purchased. See our Refund Policy for details. Terms of Service