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Designed for school communities searching for a proven SEL program that leverages the science of character.

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The Science of Character Strengths

The Thriving Learning Communities™ (TLC) program helps students recognize and apply their own unique combination of strengths as they learn how to navigate the world. Using their strengths, students explore how to be the best version of themselves inside and outside school.

Accelerates Social and Emotional Learning

Unique in the field of SEL programming, TLC applies the science of character strengths to the practice of teaching and learning. This research-based approach to improving students’ social and emotional learning (SEL) skills through the lens of character strengths impacts school culture, accelerating the change process through the powerful combination of three critical elements:

  1. The science of character strengths;
  2. Social and emotional learning addressing five interrelated sets of competencies (CASEL, 2005) — self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationships skills, and decision-making;
  3. Flexible K-12 curriculum, tools, and parental resources supporting customization and innovation.

Build Fidelity and Integration

Becoming a Thriving Learning Communities™ member provides access to support through online resources, a variety of character strengths products, and additional, specified learning courses.

A scoped and sequenced curriculum and asynchronous professional learning through our Hub24 learning management system builds capacity and transforms school culture. Through these learning opportunities, educators build strengths knowledge, pro-active SEL skills, and the confidence to effectively implement the TLC program.

Utilizing our tailored made professional learning pathways ensures that school leaders and learners expand their expertise. Strengths-embedded resources allow school teams to customize their work to match their needs and ensure program integration throughout the school system.


Our research shows that with a deliberate focus on SEL through the lens of character strengths, schools see an improvement in students’ SEL competencies, engagement, attendance, discipline and academic performance.

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